Olivia’s Farm

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Our Story

Olivia’s Farm is just a simple backyard operation with proceeds going to cover costs and the rest goes to savings for our two-year old daughter, Olivia! She loves to go out to feed the chickens cracked corn treats, worms, and chase them around the yard. We love to see her interact with animals and learn caring, respect, and responsibility for animals at such a young age.

Our flock started out as a result of the pandemic with 4 chicks and has since grown, with 14 primary layers putting out about 4.5 dozen eggs per week ranging from medium to the occasional jumbo. Each one of our friendly fluffy butts has a name and a personality of her own and they’re carefully watched by our Polish rooster as they free range across 3 acres.

Our flock currently consists of the following breeds:

  • 2 Rhode Island Reds, only 1 that lays
  • 1 Barn mix Olive Egger
  • 1 Ameraucana
  • 3 Black Marans
  • 1 Plymouth Rock
  • 1 Buff Orpington
  • 1 Lavender Orpington
  • 1 Barnevelder
  • 3 Partridge Olive Eggers
  • 1 Production Blue
  • 1 Polish rooster

We would love to share our eggs with you! Our ladies produce light brown, medium brown, dark brown, light blue, and green eggs. We sell most eggs fresh and unwashed. We charge $6/dozen packer’s choice (L/XL mix) and $7/dozen for only XL. We grade our eggs every now and then for quality and consistency checks and they are always either Grade A or AA.

Note:  Our eggs are not USDA certified organic. The chickens are on a Purina layer feed diet with mixed in black sunflower seeds, Omega-3 supplement, and various herbs that promote a healthy immune system. They also get apple cider vinegar in their water for digestive health as well as electrolytes.