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Our Story

We are a small family farm in Rock Hill, SC. We believe that how we eat is integral to how we live, and that food should build community. There are few joys greater than that of a feast with loved ones around a richly laden table, and we are pleased to help provide this for our customers. We produce pastured lamb from Katahdin hair sheep, pastured pork from heritage-breed pigs (Red Wattle and Guinea Hog/Ossabaw mix), and pastured eggs from our motley crew of marauding chickens and ducks.

We believe in letting our animals live outside as they were designed to live, rotating on green pastures and foraging for much of their own food. Our sheep move between fields on a regular basis eating a wide variety of native grasses. Our pigs rotate between pastures planted in turnips, kale, rapeseed, and radishes to supplement the grasses they root through. Our chickens and ducks genuinely free-range, roaming wherever they like with access to acres of land and taking their pick of grasses, bugs, and pests.