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I am a huge advocate for local, fresh food. We take steps toward a healthy and happy flock wherever we can. I feed organic and non-GMO feeds. There are no chemical herbicides or pesticides used on our property under any circumstances. The flock has access to clean water, bright sunlight, green grass, dirt, bugs, and fresh air nearly every day. We strive for sustainable farming practices whenever possible.

I spent the better part of my childhood on a commercial broiler farm, newly constructed, top of the line, top producing farm. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of chickens come and go. Fast forward past highschool, early twenties, the purchase of my first little farm suitable for my lifelong horse. And at the age of 33, I found myself in the company of a great man and three little people who desperately need access to healthy food options. After about 15 years without chickens, I finally walked out of our local feed store with ten tiny dark blackish chicks. So that is how my flock was hatched!

My long term goal is to be more self sufficient and offer my produce and eggs for sale to others looking for quality organic foods.