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Our Story

Fancy’s EGGERY 101 & Organik Market Place – Mercantile , The Farm to Table Wellness Company” started in 2010 as a family website based to reach people in need via a website, then we moved to TEXAS, and a  family member who through the scouting program added the “FARM to Table” delivery only to personalize it” thus growing or grew to what it is today. Today we weekly deliver to a minimum 200-300 families wanting unaltered eggs and farm to table items.

Plus, we Provide monthly to an additional 300-500 families through their churches.

We also have a “FARM to Table” service we are launching in the next short while for people that cannot afford FARM to table “NON-Pasteurized” Eggs, we are offering a”SHARE Program” to our customers for a “pay-it-forward” share and donate $1.00 or more , whatever they can, if they can with every order so we can provide to those in need locally from East to West Texas.

Eggs (Duck, Chicken, delivered daily), “Turkey, Guinea-Fowl” are Seasonal items, & plus we provide Farm Raised other items to family & Friends

Holiday Foods : Pies, Air Fried Turkeys, fresh Duck, lg. Jersey Giant Roaster Chickens, seasonal lamb

Plus, We see a food product that everyone should be able to eat & afford then remove the sugar, change recipe to natural ingredients and voila’ “Completely SUGAR-FREE” flour free, all natural products, nothing added that could harm anyone , the environment, let alone ours or their animals.


We also create “ALL-Natural” items like lotions & oils, perfumes for man or beast.


PLEASE “TEXT” 903-752-0298 for “FASTER SERVICE” as we are a “Delivery SERVICE” only,

as “We Strive to Deliver the Best”