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We are located in Port Tobacco, Maryland.

Our kids are into everything 4-H…

Poultry, Steers, Pigs, Boar Goats, Rabbits and anything else they can do.

We have been having a blast hatching chicks. ¬†We currently have 24 chicks for sale we hatched they are a mixed batch from eggs I purchased from the amish so I don’t know the breeds they range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks old. $5.00 each

We also have some 5 week old roosters for sale $5.00each

We have some Road Island Red Eggs due to hatch soon.

Current Hatchings

Mixed batch all different breeds straight run $5.00each

Upcoming Hatches

50 Pheasant Eggs

12 Road Island Eggs

8 Cochin Eggs

12 Keywest and Bantam Eggs