Parabellum Farms

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Our Story

Parabellum Farms is a family owned and operated farm. They are committed to growing foods and raising animals sustainably, using organic growing techniques.

Mike and Dionne Ramsey moved from an apartment in Seattle to a small plot of land in SW Washington in the fall of 2012 to begin their dream of sustainable living. They are far from reaching their final goals, but they’ve learned to make progress one step at a time in the right direction, as with most things in life.

Their birds are pasture raised which means, at Parabellum Farms, they are kept outside (as the season and daylight hours permit), they are not kept in cages or even fenced in and they have constant access to fresh-growing palatable vegetation. The chickens forage all day as they please and return to the coop on their own at dusk to be secured at night. (Yes, this means poop on the porch sometimes, but hey, our hens are happy girls!)