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Our Story

It was March 26, 1948 on a bend in the Brazos River, a young couple (Lee Roy & Cordie Moore) stood with dreams for the 152 acres they had purchased. Over 70 years, six generations have since come to know and take in the land’s healing power. It is with this love for the land that another young couple Lee and Krista Parkinson, a great-grandson and his wife, are now offering you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and bounty of the land which we have been blessed with caring for.

They have infused a new energy into the farm. The approach is honesty. Honesty to the land and the animals. Recreating the family farm with pasture raised turkeys, chickens and eggs by reviving the craft of grass farming.

Many of you may be wondering… what makes our Eggs and Chicken so special?  Simple answer, Fresh Grass, Sunshine, Dirt, and Bugs.  We raise our birds in a very different way when compared to a factory farm.  As Joel Salatin is famous for saying, we allow the animal to fully express itself.  We want our chickens to have the best life a chicken could possibly have.  We want them eating bugs, native grass, and seeds. Then, in turn, fertilizing the micro-nutrients in the soil as they go.

Pasture Raised is the current buzz word.  However, it is also the way God intended a chicken to be and the practice we use to raise our birds.  We put in a little extra time, and effort, to move our birds to fresh grass daily. Offering a more natural, stress free environment for them throughout their life, lets us know that we are being good stewards of our animals.  This also provides a product that we are proud to eat for ourselves, our family, and share with our community. Birds that you purchase from a box store do not have the opportunity to really be a chicken.  Most have never seen or touched grass or even eaten a single bug.  Our chickens have access to a supplemental feed specially mixed to offer all the vitamins, and minerals they need that’s Non-GMO, Corn Free, and Soy Free.

The commercial poultry growers have taken words, or terms, that people would identify with such as Free Range, Cage Free, Organic, All Natural, Antibiotic Free, etc. and use them to push a product that simply isn’t what you think it is.  Today Free Range simply means the bird had access to the outdoors. It doesn’t mean they stepped out into the sunlight.  Cage Free means they don’t live in a small wire cage suspended off the ground, but they are still cooped up in a house with hundreds to thousands of birds, never seeing grass, or sunshine. Organic doesn’t mean they were outside running around either.  Simply they fed them a Certified Organic Feed.  All Natural?  I mean unless it was created in a lab, anything can be All Natural.  You just can’t buy the same bird we sell from a box store.