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Our Story

Hello! Our names are Evan and Norm. We are the founders and operators of Pasture Brothers. We are lifelong friends, but never expected to start a chicken farm together!

We started our small farm in 2018 after a conversation about food and health left us realizing that there were not enough sources for locally raised meat here in our hometown of Orlando, Florida.

We specialize in pasture raised chickens. Our birds live outside on grass with fresh air, sunshine, and a steady diet of bugs, grubs, and worms that they are constantly digging up in the dirt.

We move them to fresh grass every day in our homemade “chicken tractors” or portable chicken coops.

We offer whole chickens as well as packs of chicken parts like livers and feet, which are available for purchase on our website.

You can learn more about us on our website, or give us a call to stop by and meet us and the birds out on the farm anytime!