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Our Story

Penning 4K Ranch is owned and operated by the Penning family. We raise sheep, pigs, chickens and cattle using regenerative practices to heal the land and build soil biology. Our animals are pasture raised using rotational, multi-species grazing without the use of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or synthetic fertilizers.

Our venture into raising livestock began in 1992 when we moved to Washington, Kansas after spending three years in Alaska. We wanted to raise our young and growing family in a small farming community where hard work and Christian values are strong. 4K ranch was formed at some point after our fourth child was born. Our four children, Kayla, Keenan, Kylie and Konnor, were the inspiration behind the name 4K ranch.

Today we live on the family farm that Teresa, my wife, was raised on. We have worked hard over the years to improve the land we operate in order to leave it in better condition for the next generation of livestock producers.

Our operation utilizes rotational grazing which is the moving of livestock from one paddock to another using cross fencing so they cannot go back to the previously grazed section. This practice prevents our livestock from grazing the plants low to the ground where they pick up parasites plus by leaving 4-6 inches of grass it produces a healthier plant for regrowth as well as producing a healthier animal.

Initially, our ranch started as a cow/calf operation and has grown over the years to include sheep, pigs and chickens. As mentioned above, we rotationally graze our livestock as well as move our layers and broiler to fresh grass daily. The benefits of free range animals not only produce a healthier animal but benefits the grass as well as the animals naturally fertilize the pastures.