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Here at Penn’s Woods Poultry I raise many different types of poultry. Whether you are looking for meat birds, bug removal, pets or eggs please check out our listings.

We offer eating eggs, hatching eggs, chicks and started birds in a variety of species. Proof of adequate housing is requested prior to sales of live birds or hatching eggs. I am happy to assist you in choosing housing/feed/etc for the best care of your new poultry.

I currently raise Easter Egger chickens (egg color includes white, blue, green, olive, tan and brown), Silver Laced Polish chickens (pet quality only), White Crested Black Polish Bantam chickens, Wheaten Ameraucana Bantam chickens and Belgian D’Uccle bantam chickens. Spring of 2023 I will have Easter Egger pullets and cockerels available, all breeds of chicks available (please contact me to inquire about hatch dates or get on my waiting list) and I will have hatching eggs for most/all of these breeds available.

My Guinea Fowl typically start laying around March or April and will continue through September, Guinea eggs will be available for eating, hatching and guinea keets are available all summer long. My current breeding stock includes the following colors – Buff Dundotte, French Pearl, Pied Pearl, Lavender and Pied Lavender.

In 2019 I added Coturnix Quail to my list of available stock. They are raised for meat and eggs. My Jumbo Wild line reaches about 10 ounces by 8 weeks old on a high protein feed. My Falb Fee and Pearl Fee hens are the best layers. I am also working with the Celadon gene and have a pen that turns out 90% celadon layers. I am currently working on adding Celadon to different feather patterns and will release those as soon as I feel confident that they are consistent and good quality. I offer Coturnix Quail whole prey and cleaned for pet consumption.

In the summer of 2021 my middle son requested Runner Ducks, our flock currently consists of 9 hens and 3 drakes. We will be offering eating and hatching eggs as well as limited ducklings in summer of 2023.

My Button/King quail are my most recent addition. I have about 30 of them and will be offering hatching eggs, eggs for pet food and started chicks in summer of 2022.

If you are interested in learning about any of the above breeds please reach out and I’ll do my best to help. I can also do poultry presentations at schools, FFA/4H groups, etc with or without live birds.