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Our Story

We are a full-time regenerative farm and homestead (Farm-stead) in Dallas, NC. We like to say we grow soil first, because soil life and biology is what grows great food! You can find our eggs, vegetables and fruit at Local Roots & Provisons, Heirloom Restaurant, Mount Holly Farmer’s Market or on farm pre-order pickup. We operate a 1/2 acre market garden, plus a flock of laying hens, fruit and nut trees, mushroom cultivation and forest farming. Our small size means we are able to be very efficient with the use of growing space to produce the same as a 3+ acre conventional farm. We are 100% hand tool based farm that allows us to be on the ground and focused on growing the best produce we can. By not disturbing the soil (no-till/no-dig), we’re able to build healthy, active soil that grows nutrient-dense food and healthy plants. Our healthy soil and practices allow us to grow crops year-round.

We go the maximum extent we can to look at the whole picture to always make sure we add more then we take by farming. We never use synthetic chemical sprays or GMOs. We don’t focus on profit and squeezing every dime out of a crop we can. We focus on quality and taste, many of the varieties of produce we grow you wont find anywhere else!

By supporting us and our farm you will be supporting produce that is better for the environment and more sustainable because it travels a short distance and has a much smaller carbon footprint. You are buying and supporting your neighbors, helping to support the local economy and really knowing what you are eating and who provided it.