Piemonte Farm

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Our Story

We are a 23 acre farm nestled in the Piedmont region in North Carolina. We are committed to give our animals the life they are meant to live, roaming the green pastures, in their natural environment, soaking the sunshine and enjoying the shade of the canopy of trees during hot summer days. The shelter of a barn is available for them whenever harsh weather arrives and there is always a door open for whatever choice they have, stay in the field or under a roof. We raise a mixed varieties of heritage hens, they roam the pasture giving us and our customers the most fresh eggs with bright orange yolks.

We are excited as days pass waiting for our first baby lambs on the farm. With baby lambs also comes rich fresh sheep milk which will be used to make more cheese and to make sheep milk soaps.

Our on site farm store is in the making, and we will be keeping you updated when it is open.