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Our Story

Pixie’s Chicks Farm grew out of a deep desire to know exactly where our food was coming from and how it was raised and grown, a love for baking, and an unexpected delight in chickens!

We moved out here a few years ago from a huge, polluted, impersonal city to live a healthier and more meaningful life with our child. Starting off with a small organic produce garden for our own table, and a dozen free-ranging hens for fresh eggs, I realized that this was where my passion, my joy, and my entertainment was: growing healthy vegetables without the use of conventional pesticides or herbicides, raising organic poultry for eggs and meat in a humane and healthy way, and having our whole farm work together in a sustainable, renewable manner to replenish the badly-depleted soil on our farm. And through it all, enjoying watching the antics of our chickens and turkeys; gaining both a great deal of entertainment and a measure of peace in my soul.

As well as selling healthy, deeply nourishing foods, we hope to help in highlighting the importance of repairing our lands so that we are able to grow on them without polluting the surrounding waters and lands, of buying our food as locally and as minimally processed as possible, and to encourage everyone to raise and grow as much of their own food as they are able to.