Pleasant Valley Acres Homestead

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Our Story

In 2016, we started Pleasant Valley Acres Homestead to promote healthy lifestyles. As a small farmette, we believe in growing and providing natural, organic, n0n-GMO foods. At present, we have started a poultry egg operation with pasture-raised hens who are free-to-range. We provide them with only the best in natural, clean water – they drink what we drink!  They eat natural, organic, non-GMO feed, grains and supplements.  We provide them apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, herbs, and vitamins to keep them healthy and active.  They reside in a clean poultry barn with comfortable, dry bedding and have a special sheltered screened-in enclosure to come in out of the rain or snow.  Their home is kept temperate in the cold by a special heater and in the hot weather by fans. They have lots of roosting spaces and nesting boxes. There is even a separate nursery area for the chicks.  Outside, they wander all over – under the trees, over the hills, and through the pasture. The hens are a variety of brown and white egg layers.  They are guarded by a few handsome roosters by the likes of Jonathan, Samson, and Happy Feet.  Our border collie, Rory, also keeps a close eye on them.

Having worked on improving our soils, we have plans to start growing fruit trees and berries. The old fruit trees have been cut down and removed. New trees are slated to be planted. A large scale garden is in the works this year and looks promising.

In the Spring, we plan to add a dairy goat operation to produce pasteurized goat milk, goat cheese, and goat milk soap and lotions.

All this is happening on a homestead that is a certified wildlife habitat, a certified pollinator and bird sanctuary and a designated native plant habitat.  Welcome to the valley of the “White Squaw,” Mary Jemison, who called this place  “Pleasant Valley.”