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Our Story

Started in 2007 with a few chicks hatched after learning about chickens in a 4th grade class, PND Poultry has grown into a flock of nearly 300 hens.  As a 4-H and FFA project, as well as a goal to save for college, PND now produces about 450 dozens eggs a month. With a few “show birds” sprinkled in, most of the layers are red sex linked hens.  We pride ourselves on our pasture raised flock and quality eggs.  They are fed custom mixed food as well as free access to outside.  Favorite treats include tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins!  Locked up at night to protect against predators and outer perimeters established to keep them from becoming coyote buffet are necessary, but have no fear,  they are well cared for and will even come when called.

Our eggs have been awarded Champion Illinois State Fair  2013 & 2014, and Reserve Champion 2015.  They have also won 4 of the last 5 years at the local fair and  3 years Vo-Ag FFA show.

In 2015, “Aussie” the Australorp Rooster and king of the flock, was named Grand Champion Large Fowl at the local Fair, as well as named “Best of Show” at the FFA Vo-Ag show.

PND has also been featured in Illinois Farmer Magazine August 2015 and local KWQC Fran Riley Features, Novemeber 2014.

Paige, of PND, will graduate from AlWood High School, Woodull IL in 2016.

Her Illinois State certified eggs can be purchased off the farm or at the local Butter Churn grocery on Woodhull IL.