Polnasek Poultry Farm

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Our Story

Polnasek Poultry Farm is a small family farm striving to bring farm fresh eggs and broilers to the local community. The layers here are all pasture raised, enabling them to walk around, play in the dirt and eat fresh grass everyday. Their feed is non-GMO which comes straight from the farmer who grows it, supporting another farmers’ business is always a plus!. There are no added meat based proteins or hormonal additives to the feed as its an all vegetarian mix.. Eggs are collected at least twice a day which improves the sanitary condition of the eggs, which are hand washed and dried.


They are able to walk around in an 10×12 pen which acts as their shelter and protection form predators. the pen is moved twice a day when the chickens are fed. 50 chickens stay in this pen till they are ready for processing. It takes 8-9 weeks to grow the chicken to 3-5 pounds, which are then proccessed on the farm. Chickens are ready the day of fresh and frozen the day after.