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Our Story

Chickens do not like to be confined in cages.  Therefore, during daytime, our girls are free to roam in a large backyard.  They eat a lot of grass, seeds, and bugs/beetles, in addition to their regular commercial feeds. We buy chicken pellets from Grace Brothers. We always ask for feeds without antibiotics, as we believe medicine in food is not right.

We have 6 happy hens.  They run or fly to greet us when we come to the backyard.  From time to time we “walk” them to deep woods in the back for more adventures (for more grass, seeds, insects, etc). We have never slaughtered one for meat as they are almost family.

Each night they take their leisure time to retire into a double steel-doored chamber, away from raccoons, possums, and coyotes. We invest heavily for their safety, as we’ve lost the whole flock 3 times since we started in 2012.

Our eggs smell and taste much better than those store bought, as friends and families have reported back to us. We also noticed that hot-boiled eggs are difficult to separate shell from egg because they are fresh.