Porch Swing Farms, LLC

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Our Story

We (Holly and Aaron – former college professors) have a little bit of land in rural Arkansas and are making the most of it.

In 2018, we started with some beautiful chickens to lay beautiful eggs. We moved to pickle-making, perfecting pimento cheese and glazing amazing local pecans, all while we worked on bringing pigs to our farm. Now, pork is our pride and joy!

We believe in being kind to the animals in our care.

The chickens have spacious coops and large ranges that we rotate regularly to maintain access to fresh pastures. We provide grain to supplement the greens and bugs they find for themselves.

The pigs are rotational grazed and encouraged to act like pigs,wallowing in the mud, rooting in the earth and enjoying the sunshine.

We invite you to our farm. Reach out to us to schedule a time.

Know your farmer, know your food.

We think a lot about where the food we eat comes from:

Who makes it – How it’s treated – How we can do better

We want to feel great about the food we eat & want it to be delicious.

We want to be part of the answer – for our family and yours.