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Our Story

We are a brand new start-up farm on 50 acres located in the beautiful lake and mountain county of Pickens, South Carolina.  We have always maintained our own flock of laying hens, raised our own meat chickens, pork, beef, vegetables, berries, fruit, etc.   Now we are testing the waters of sharing the fruit of our labors with others in our community.  We’re taking baby steps on this journey, offering pastured eggs at first, but hoping to eventually expand into other farm products down the road.

Address:  339 Concord Church Road, Pickens, SC

Phone:  864-640-2475

Email:  portervalleyfarms@gmail.com

Website:  https://portervalleyfarms.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/portervalleyfarms/

Blog:  https://portervalleyfarms.blog/