Prime Pastured Peeps

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Our Story

Prime Pastured Peeps started in 2015 with six Pekin ducklings, 5 Royal Palm turkey poults, 15 Dark Cornish, and a handful of heavy breed roosters for roasting birds.  A portable “chicken tractor” was built to allow birds to range on pasture without fear of predation and to control where the organic-rich manure is being deposited.  Precise deposition of the manure allows for the consistent and uniform build-up of nutrients in the soil, rather than in only a few concentrated areas, as is the case with most operations.  The chicken tractor is used to move the birds around on their pasture allowing birds to forage for bugs, browse the plants, and keep them out of inclement weather.

Prime Pastured Peeps are not fed medicated feed, only nutritious pasture and a nutritionally balanced pellet or crumble feed.