Eggs n' Quackers

Eggs n' Quackers

Our Story

Eggs n’ Quackers Farm is owned and operated by Peter Kelly and Sherri Blakeslee. We are committed to providing quality, non-GMO duck eggs to our local community and restaurants. We use only non-GMO feed and scratch grains and allow our ducks to roam on pasture during the day with access to a ‘play pond.’

As part of our mission, we strive to help our customers and community answer the question, “Where does my food come from?” Most of our customers are astounded to discover that if they were to buy eggs in the supermarket in April, they could have been laid on Christmas.

We first began raising and breeding waterfowl in early 2010 in Oregon, after acquiring the last of Holderread’s Farm show quality Gray Runner Ducks. We were enchanted by the “Mallard” looking ducks but even more amazed at their prolific egg laying. They laid large eggs with giant yolks and they were able to continue laying many years after most chickens had stopped.

When we returned to the Reno/Sparks area from Portland in 2011, we found there was a demand for our delicious eggs and began an ongoing project to form the perfect duck yard. While we still have several of our original “Runners” from Oregon we now sell eggs from Runner, Khaki Campbell and White Layers.

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Duck Eggs are now on sale by the dozen at Natural Grocers and One Stop Ranch & Feed! Contact them for prices and availability.


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Two Chicks Cafe is now serving our Duck Eggs! Ask for them and watch for specials!


You can now purchase our Non-GMO farm fresh duck eggs at Natural Grocers by the dozen and half dozen!