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Our Story

The farm’s nucleus is grass fed and finished beef cattle.  Pastured laying hens were added to help control flies behind the grazing cattle herd in “egg mobiles”.  Meat bird poultry in Salatin-style pens was added when it was noticed the pronounced effect laying hen manure had on the previously row-cropped, and very depleted soils.  Maple syrup seemed interesting to Jake one winter and has now become an intense part of the winter month’s activities (and a very delicious part it must be added), and a neighbor corroborates with the farm to grow up honey bee hives and produce a measureable honey crop.  The bees thrive in the 660 acres of Organic pastures, wild crop forests and fields.   Vegetable greens, Einkorn Wheat, and produce, as well a, a certified organic orchard are taking shape in 2019AD in an effort to offer local families a well rounded monthly delivery “basket” of Farm Fresh Goodness.

Providence Farms, LLC was founded by Scott and Julie Foster through the inspiration received from their two children, Jake and Maggie.  Jake became interested in cattle and chickens, and Maggie became interested in organic, holistically grown, all natural foods and provided her father with the only book he ever read about raising beef cattle, “Grass-Fed Cattle” by Julius Ruechel.  That was 2011AD.  Both children are now grown and married, bringing Abigail, and then Trapper into the picture as spouses.  Add grandchildren Matthew and Andrew to the picture, as well as, grandparents to help at the farm, and you have a traditional multi-generational farming family affair.   Providence Farms encourages all people to take an interest in where their food comes from, and invites all its customers to the farm for a visit and to share the wonderful natural environment.

The entire experience has been “Providential” to say the least.  We have come to see ourselves as Stewards of creation.  We are daily amazed at the Intelligent Design woven through nature and the undeniable goodness and benefits to human health and well-being of pastureraised, nutrient-dense food.  We want to share the good things from the land with our neighbors.