R Fuzzy Butt Poultry Farm

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Our Story

Our Farm is a National Poultry Improvement plan farm (NPIP) Our Poultry are tested by the State of Oregon 2x a year.  Although we cannot free range our chickens due to Predators we maintain super large runs for our flocks and spoil them rotten.

We choose our chickens for functionality and beauty some of our breeds are Very Rare- Each breed has its own special purpose and we can match you to a breed you will be successful with as everyone has different needs.

In our gardens we use non GMO seeds and use nothing but chicken poo for fertilizers. we save our own seeds and sell seeds and flower bulbs.

Before Covid in 2020 we attended both summer and winter Local Farmers Markets in Coos Bay- but have decided to wait until restrictions have lifted. At this time we are selling Poultry/ Produce from our Farm.

We also do Glass Art and Furniture, come check us out!