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We have a small ranch in Acton, California with approximately 50 hens and a few roosters.  We have Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Americaunas/Easter Eggers, and some mixed breed chickens. We have farm fresh eggs for sale daily. They come in all different colors…..blue, blueish-green, green, and brown. Our chickens have a large coop to sleep in at night and stay safe from predators. They have fresh water from several automatic water sources and plenty of room to free-range in the back acre during the day. Our chickens are fed quality chicken food, meal worms, oyster shells for strong bones and eggs, chicken scratch as an occasional treat, and they are also given fruits and vegetables every day.

We have raised our chickens from our own stock by incubating and hatching our own chickens here at the ranch. On occasion we allow the hens to raise their own chicks. All of the roosters and hens are pets. They are very friendly because they have been around people and handled from the day they hatched.

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If you’re interested in farm fresh eggs please call, text or email me.