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Perhaps the only thing better than cracking, cooking and savoring your own farm fresh GMO and hormone free eggs is sharing a dozen or two with family and friends. What started out as a hobby years ago. Became our mission last winter to support our low-income neighbors and communities with farm fresh eggs. Our chickens are fed non-GMO, antibiotic-free feed. Although not USDA Certified Organic, we feed a Non-GMO, and these eggs contain all the benefits of a free-range lifestyle: they are tastier and more nutritious, without the higher cost due to organic feed. If eating organic is important to you, please try our free-range organic eggs.

This last Spring, we purchased 23 Australorps, 4 Red SexLinks, 2 Amber SexLinks pullet chicks along with 2 Australorp cockerel chicks and were given 1 Buff Orpington pullet chick. Now they have reached maturity and laying fresh free range brown eggs. We will very soon be able to move forward with our mission of donating half of all eggs produced with a local food pantry in Center Ridge, AR. We regret but we are forced into selling the other half of the eggs to support the mission.We plan to enlarge our flock this coming spring.

The Australorp is a chicken breed of Australian origin, developed as utility breed with a focus on egg laying. It achieved worldwide popularity in the 1920s after the breed broke numerous world records for the number of eggs laid and has been a popular breed in the western world since. It is considered the honorary National Chicken Breed of Australia, and The most popular color of the breed is black, which is the only color recognized in the United States of America.

Black Australorp Chickens are a popular producer of large brown eggs and are known for their heat and cold hardiness and persistence in laying during in hot weather. They can lay up to 250 eggs annually and will lay into winter. When this breed was being developed, the breeders focused on utility and today this is what they are known for. Australorps mature early and are docile, quiet birds, which makes them great for handling and children. When mature, Australorps have glossy, all-black feathers that show a gorgeous green sheen.