Redemption Springs

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Our Story

In 1894 a farm in Carroll County was started, with many fields and pastures, and all the essential farm buildings.  Farm house, large bank barn with animal stalls underneath, pig barn, spring house, smoke house, and a carriage house.  It was maintained well, but over the years the land was sold off and the core farm passed from hand to hand, falling out of full time farming.  A beautiful vintage farm, but only a few horses to call it home.

Seth and Stephanie met while trying to find a path forward in life.  Both divorced, both with a young child in tow.  Stephanie a Carroll County native, Seth an 8th generation farmer from Harford County.  They bought this 1800s farm, with hopes and dreams of restoring it to full time farming, and hopes of a happy home.  In love with each other, and with animals, but not enough land to have a large farm, they dedicated their time and efforts towards rare, endangered, heritage livestock breeds.  With a gorgeous, original, functioning spring house to water the animals, Redemption Springs was born.  Redemption for the farm, for endangered livestock, and for this happy family.

We raise Red Devon cattle, Red Wattle hogs, Bourbon Red Turkeys, and a variety of Heritage chicken for meat and eggs.  All our animals are grass based, and are fully non-GMO.  We work hard to give our animals a healthy, happy life, which translates to great tasting meat and eggs.  Each Heritage breed has unique tastes that we work to preserve for the next generation.