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ReMARKable Farms will be established by Denise and Mark Wetzel, a mother and son team. We have plans to produce jams and jellies from foraged and sustainably grown berry bushes and pasture poultry eggs.

Mark has an intellectual disability but we don’t want that to be a barrier to employment for him. We always knew that a 9 to 5 job would not work for Mark. By having his own self-employment business, he can have the flexibility of working at home and have the support he needs to be successful. Once Mark learns a task, he can do it independently, but if things are changing constantly (i.e. portable housing), it will be more difficult for him to learn. Also, I recently attended a Winter Housing for Poultry webinar and the individual that was presenting started with mobile coops for his laying hens and then they switched to stationary housing. He started getting more eggs once he started using the stationary housing. I realize that this is anecdotal, but it seems that the hens like the predictability of stationary housing, per his comments.

During spring, summer and fall, our chickens/ducks will have access to grass and weeds using portable fencing to make paddocks around the coop/run. We will be growing black oil sunflower seeds and pumpkins to feed to the chickens during the winter months. We are also interested in learning to put together a fodder system so we can feed some fresh greens during the winter months. We will be sourcing grain feed from a local producer.