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We have Farm Raised Eggs available! Reverie Farms is a small, local farm located in Argyle, Texas that started as a dream to teach our children (and ourselves!) about appreciating the simplicity and beauty of God’s world. What initially fueled our farming endeavors was the desire to start eating more organically and to take a “back to the basics” approach to our eating habits and overall family lifestyle. Our animals are our family pets and we treat them such. Our ability to feed our family with products from our animals is just a bonus, and we love to share what we enjoy with others!

Taste the difference in our farm raised chicken eggs compared to those eggs you buy in the store. NO harmful growth hormones or antibiotics are fed to our happy hens. All chickens are also fed fresh fruits, vegetables and grain, and of course the insects they find while free ranging. Eggs are $5.00 a dozen. $3.00 for half dozen. Located in Argyle, Tx (between Denton / Lantana / Flower Mound).