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We live in a residential area of San Antonio and started with our backyard chickens the spring of 2016. We initially only wanted 3 but chicken math got us and that number grew. We now carry an excess animal permit with the city. We are required to reapply for a permit/ inspection yearly. We are getting a few extra dozen a week to sell to neighbors. We think of our girls as family pets, and they are spoiled rotten. We free range our girls during the day and they return to their coop at night. We currently have a of various standard poultry and just added a couple mini bantam chickens.

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Fall/Winter/Rainy Weather Notice

Egg laying is stimulated in poultry by increasing day length. As day length approaches 14 hours per day chickens begin laying eggs, gradually increasing their production as the day length increases. As such we see a drop in egg production during shorter daylight hours ie fall and winter. Chickens molt or loose their feathers and grow new ones in the fall so energy is spent on adding new foliage instead of egg laying.  We also see a decrease in the winter as energy is spent on keeping the animal warm instead of laying. This is also true on rainy or overcast days. Please feel free to still message me during this time, if I have extras I will still sale.