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When our 3 oldest children were aged 4 and under, they begged — PLEADED —  for a pet.  When we moved out of NYC in 2008 and back to my roots on Long Island, we finally had the space for an animal…or three.  We started with one hen per child on our 1/4 acre lot.  C.C., Giselle and Ben were beloved by our family and eventually joined by 6 more hens.  In 2012 they moved with us to Connecticut where we purchased a home on 10 acres of farmable land.  Our children are now in charge of their flock of over 55 chickens, 4 guinea fowl, 3 guard alpaca, and Brandi the goat.  They do 90% of the farm chores and in turn earn 100% of the profits.  They are living the life I dreamed of as a kid and are growing into hardworking, responsible, animal-loving people.