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We have always believed in letting chickens be chickens by allowing them to use their natural instincts to forage for the foods that are right for them. That is why we have always pasture raised our flock here at RIKR HOF. What we choose to supplement our flock with is also thanks to the knowledge that we are not just made up of what we eat, but also of what the Food (that we eat) eats.

We are ANTI-herbicides & pesticides and we do NOT use antibiotics, steroids, coccidiostats, or any other pharmaceuticals that wind up weakening the birds’ natural immune mechanisms. As a nurse with a special interest in microbiology, I understand the vicious cycle that can begin by utilizing such temporary “fixes”.

Here at RIKR HOF, we have decided to use preventative measures instead. Besides providing a positive natural environment, which does wonders for health all on its own, we also use feed and water additives that were created by the renowned chemist and natural healer our dear “Mother Earth.” The additives we utilize are based on current research in the fields of nutrition, immunology, and biology. Some of the natural additives that we use, just to name a few, are: flax seeds for increasing omega 3 content & free radical protection, probiotics for immune balance & digestive health, cayenne pepper for cellular regulation & circulation, and herbs such as oregano & parsley which have a natural “anti-pathogenic effect”. Though it is more expensive, these practices help to ensure that we are getting the most nutrition and maximum level of safety in the eggs that we not only feed our family, but that are also hatched into even healthier generations for a more sustainable future.

Needless to say, we are exited to announce that we are now offering these wonderful eggs to our local community!

Current price: $8/dozen

Bring your own carton Discount: -$1