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Our Story

Riverbend Ranch is a regenerative agriculture operation located in Thurston County, Washington.  The ranch is diversified and offers several items and services to the local community.

Riverbend Ranch offers grass fed and finished beef, pork and lamb.  The ranch grows all of its own winter hay needs, and sells some second cutting small square bales.  For folks looking to tie the knot the ranch provides an 1870’s hand-built barn for the special day.  Riverbend Ranch enriches our local families Christmas spirit with four different species of Christmas Trees opening to the public every year the day after Thanksgiving.  The ranch is further diversified with timber stands and open spaces for our local wildlife populations and annual spawning salmon.

Kevin and Krystal Jensen are fourth generation ranchers that manage Riverbend ranch with their two daughters, Dalynn (6) and Kacie (4.)  The Jensen family started cattle ranching in Thurston County in the 1930’s, setting up the first ranch in Yelm, WA.

Since Kevin and Krystal took over the operation from parents Steve and Karen Jensen, they have been on a conservation path with a goal to make the ranch better then how they found it.  Kevin and Krystal work with the local conservation district, united states department of agriculture, and unites states fish and wildlife service.  Projects such as exclusion fencing along the Skookumchuck river and irrigation improvements have both helped the ranch’s efficiency and environmental footprint.

We look forward to providing you with our high-quality meats, the perfect Christmas tree or a beautiful barn to say I Do!