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Our Story

At River’s Blessings, we strive for maximum health – of the soil and water, the plants, the animals, and all people touched by the farm – those working on the farm as well as customers.  Our goal is to synergistically weave the natural characteristics and behaviors of each layer together to create a vibrant and sustainable whole.

Our chickens and ducks fill an important role – they help keep the pastures clean of parasites for the sheep and cows while adding fertility, as they free-range over the grasslands of the farm.  The chickens eat bugs directly; the ducks stay in the wetter pastures and eat snails, which helps break the life cycle of the liver fluke here on the farm.

To keep the girls safe while they wander about the farm, we protect them with our Maremmas – beautiful and effective livestock guard dogs.

The result is the best eggs you’ve ever eaten!  Tasty, fresh, proud orange yolks.