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A true culinary delight in every bite! When what you eat matters…
Located in the gorgeous Chewelah valley in the great Pacific Northwest, River’s Edge Ranch is your source for local, natural & ethically raised grass-fed and grass-finished Beef, Heritage Lamb & Goat. Our family run ranch, takes pride in the products we produce; all meat is grown with the highest quality care, minerals, feeds & water to provide you with a memorable dining experience.

River’s Edge Ranch’s Lamb, is unique in many ways, our sheep are comprised of “Primitive” sheep breeds. Creating a smaller animal size and meat cuts, but with outstanding flavor, a fine texture, leaner cuts and a less gamey after taste setting this superb meat apart from a majority of commercial breeds available today. This makes our Lamb and Sheep products a must try even for non-lamb lovers.

We pay attention to the details, providing you with Beef, Lamb & Goat that is not only delicious but nutritious. Believing that how an animal is raised and what it is fed is the difference.

All meat is lovingly grown using natural processes, utilizing rotational grazing during prime months and without any known GMO ingredients*, unnecessary vaccinations, hormones or antibiotics.

We try to utilize all of the animal and eliminating waste, so in addition to prime meat cuts & custom orders; we offer a variety of products from bones, suet, organ meats to hides & wool products.
Our meats are 100% Pacific Northwest born, raised and harvested.

Never crossing an Ocean to reach you.
* All meat and products are not certified Organic/Non-GMO, we grow the food we want to feed our family and make every effort to keep it free of unwanted contaminants and genetically modified ingredients without the cost added by certification.

Processed and inspected USDA.


We also offer a Airbnb stay for guests Sept-May at Serene Country Home on Peaceful Pond & Valley View.  This listing is in the center of our regenerative ranch and you can watch ranch activities and enjoy the wildlife and views.