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The end of 2017 saw our flock decimated by foxes and who knows what else. 2018 is a time of rebuilding, new fences, etc. Please check back in 2019 to see what’s new and thank you for your past support.

If you are in the Hartsville, SC area, please join us at the Centenial Farmer’s Market in Downtown Hartsville on Thursdays from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Hi. I’m one of the roosters who oversees egg production on Rockelina Farm. I like to think I rule the roost but the truth is the hens are in control. And they do a fine job if I may crow about it.

We just got some new hens in our flock. And wow, they sure lay big eggs! From dark brown to pearl white and even aqua, I seem them all here. We even have a few who lay cute pee-wee eggs.

Then there are the ducks, but I’ll them them quack about themselves.

Red may rule the roost but me and my flock are at home in the pond. Most of us are white and are happy to lay eggs. They are the biggest most wonderful eggs you can imagine. And while I hate to say it, they taste just like chicken eggs. But, you don’t have to worry about chicken allergies. We provide universally accepted egg quality.

So give us a try. There are several dozen eggs a week being produced and we look forward to letting you try them. Eggs are first come first serve or reserve yours by calling 803-428-6148.

Current Pricing:

Chicken Eggs: All prices are per dozen and when available – call to reserve (803) 428-6148

Medium: $3.50 Large: $4.00 XL / Jumbo: $4.50

Duck Eggs (Half Dozen):  Jumbo $3.50