Rocky Ledge Farm

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Our Story

Rocky Ledge Farm was made a wildlife conservation to ensure the land would always stay farm land. This farm is family owned and operated, our livestock is part of our family so all animals are well kept. Our chickens are Barrded Rock Hens and lay brown eggs. They are mostly free range, however they are mainly inside during the winter or anytime below freezing. This keeps them happy and happy hens lay plenty of eggs. They have a ample supply of food each day and cracked corn for snacks. As chicks, they grew up in our home to ensure there safety from predators. To this day the hens still try to sneak inside to see whats going on. In the summer they are completely free Range we have a open porch that they come into at night where they feel safe. There roosting area in the back yard is protected by our family dog who also watched over them as chicks ? So if you are interested in trying some of our farm fresh eggs please let us know.