Roddenberry Hills

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Our Story

FAMILY OWNED POULTRY FARM & HATCHERY located in the beautiful countryside of Sopchoppy, Florida.

100 Acre Family Farm Since 1894.

We Offer Farm Fresh Organic Eggs and Poultry for Showing, Meat, Enjoyment, Eggs or Pets.

We specialize in purebred poultry with over 200 varieties and breeds!

Providing the Highest Quality of Cage Free, Antibiotic Free, and Steroid Free, Large Brown Eggs.

Full Service Chicken, Poultry & Rare Breed Hatchery. Offering Standard and Rare Breed Chickens, Water Fowl, Turkeys, Guinea & Peafowl, and Game Birds.

Blood Lines and Strains are Purebred with Heritage Breeds Dating from 1936.

All Poultry Meets the AMERICAN STANDARD OF PERFECTION for American Class, Asiatic Class, English Class, Mediterranean Class, Continental Class, and all other Standard Breed Class.

All birds are cage free and given the highest quality feed without antibiotics and steroids!

Roddenberry HillsĀ® has been raising quality U.S. Pullorum and Avian Influenza clean poultry since 1997.

Eggs are not available at this time.

Our new flock for egg sales are juveniles and expected to start production in late November 2016…..Stay Tuned!