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Our Story

It all started when my husband and I were building our home.  We were about a year and a half into the project when a neighbor overbought on an order of chicks.  Agreeing to take half we detoured from the house project and got to building our chicken coop.  Within a couple of weeks we had the coop in place and our tiny new arrivals inside.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with each little chicken and the first time I held that freshly laid egg in my hand I knew I was hooked for life!  All was well with the flock, we moved into our home that fall (yes the chickens lived there before we did : ) and the following spring we added a few more to the homestead.  They love scoping out places and digging like crazy until they find that treasure they so dedicatedly seek.  All was well up on the chicken hill when one morning I was out walking with the dogs on the road at the bottom of the mountain when I and came across a rooster crossing the road.  He was striking and I could tell he was a rooster’s rooster at first glance.  He strutted around stopping to crow as if he owned the neighborhood.  I didn’t think much of it, although the thought crossed my mind that he may have been dropped off.  I would spot him from time to time in the following weeks, thinking it was possible that someone adopted a lone rooster.  I approached the neighbors down there about him and sure enough he was a stray.  And a stray that was not very welcome, perhaps because he chose to rooster in their trees and crow outside their windows before daylight even broke : )  I managed to snap some pictures of him in passing, as he wasn’t too keen on me getting close.  I planned to make a flyer to hang at the local farm shops.  Then one crisp fall morning I stepped outside for the morning chores and there he was!  He climbed the hill through the woods and found himself right where he most likely dreamed of being.  It did cross my mind that perhaps he hitched a ride from one of the early awakend neighbors but they claim to this day that they didn’t deliver him.  I was hesitant to let him join the group but he was set on being a part of our farm and eventually I caved.  He immedietly claimed the group of Plymouth Rock hens and they showed him around the place.  He was top chicken in no time and to this day he is a major asset to the flock, keeping a watchful eye on the place he now calls home.  I named him Rogue and the rest is history.

We offer organic farm fresh eggs from our free-range hens.  Since we have a variety of breeds in the flock the results are an array of colored eggs that I must admit are fun to collect!

Many of our girls love to go broody at least once in the warmer months so we often time have tiny chicks running around the grounds discovering new things and entertaining all that spot one.

Aside from the eggs I also sell chicken related art.  Mostly feathered jewelry as I find the feathers far to beautiful to ignore!  I wash and rinse the feather several times before incorporating them into wearable art and the miscellaneous.