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I had been discussing with my family how we can make better food choice changes for ourselves, family and friends.  So we bought a 20 acre farm and started the process of self sustainable farming.  The first year 2015 was quite the experience or lack there of.  We started by taking in rescued Llamas and Alpacas, and we currently had about a dozen chicken and ducks, and started our first garden. Raising meat chickens was a very good learning process verses just waiting on hens to lay eggs and wow did we have much to learn.  We new that raising our animals naturally was the way we wanted to do things. All animals are fed NON GMO, or organic food, and plenty of room for free range foraging. All poultry, and pork are processed by This Old Farm in Colfax Indiana, where all animals are handled in strict humane way and are USDA certified.  We did very well in providing healthy naturally raised meals for our family.  We are looking forward to sharing our experience and products with others now, by helping someone else get started with their own farming, or simply purchasing what we raise and sale, we currently sell meat chickens, turkeys, eggs and pork.