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We are located in York County, South Carolina, proudly serving our local neighbors. At Rosy Hill Organics, we believe that eating organic produce and organic, ethically raised eggs and meat are the best ways to maintain a happy, healthy body. It is important for us to know where our food comes from, how it is grown and what it is fed. We grow all of our produce and eggs free of gmo’s, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, vaccines, soy, and medicated feed. We use natural ways to remove pests from the gardens with inter-crop planting, hand removal, and flowers to attract natural predators.

We are a proud farm partner of New Country Organics. We believe it is not only important to feed your family quality organic food, but your livestock as well. The quality of feed matters for the health and longevity of your animals. Our products are milled for freshness in a soy-free facility with corn-free options in most varieties. Visit our Organic Feed Store to view our full catalog and in stock items!