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Hello from Royalty’s Crazy Cluckers. My name is Jeff Royalty and my wife Aricka and I run a small poultry farm operation where we sell both hatching eggs and eating eggs at this time. We also plan to sell breeding stock soon. We will have several purebred lines to include welsummer, lavender orpington, rhode island red, and blue laced red wyandotte as well as barnyard mix chicks soon. I myself grew up on a small family farm in Southern Indiana and was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA. I grew up raising beef cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens, horses, etc., along with tobacco and hay. Aricka grew up raising tobacco and horses here in LaGrange KY. When we married and I moved to Kentucky we began raising chickens again much to everyone’s surprise because I hated and was scared of chickens as a kid. Aricka talked me into to getting a few chicks because they were cute and I got bitten with a bit of chicken fever or as some like to call it chicken math and the farm took off. I’m also a corrections officer with the KYDOC and Aricka works with special needs adults at Apple Patch. One of our goals is to start a farm for special needs adults and children so they to can enjoy farm life. Thanks and hope to see and talk to you soon. ┬áContact Jeffery at 812-701-8463 or Aricka at 502-612-1601.