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Our Story

We started with our own eggs for personal health reasons. The love of the animals built our little farm. Due to health reasons no antibiotics used with the eating eggs sold or consumed. The little hobby farm started with ducks and then chickens were added, soon all these new little ideas popped up. We now have ducks, call ducks, LF chicken, bantam chicken and quail. Our newest addition is some goslings.

We want to share fresh farm, free range (ducks and chicken) eggs with everyone. Our quail are kept in humane areas. Everyone gets fresh fruit and vegetables, all sorts of treats. The animals even have their own gardens with fresh herbs to enjoy. Sitting on the back porch watching everyone run around is the highlight of the the day sometimes.

Quail, chicken and ducks eggs available.

Sometimes new hatches are available for quail, chicken and working on my call ducks.

Always check with us on what might be available.

I do not sale hatching eggs at this time, in the near future I will start to sale quail hatching eggs.