Ruffled Feathers Farm

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Our Story

My name is Krissy, and I manage my farm with some help from my family. I’m a Child of the Most High God, and a veteran.

All my birds are on an organic (non-GMO) grains diet, and free range. I offer eggs and meat.

For meat, I offer a delectable non-typical industry breed of bird. These birds areĀ processed at a minimumĀ  of 10 weeks.

Offerings include whole birds and packaged cuts.

* Breasts

* Thighs

* Wings

* Leg quarters

* Drums

* Liver

* Hearts

* Broth kits

* Feet

All meat sold by the pound, except feet and broth kits.

Some processing is done on farm and some through an FDA approved processor.

I often meet locally for pickup, and offer delivery with certain limits.

Call or text is available.