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Our Story

Cage free, NO hormones or Antibiotics.
Real Eggs for Real people.
Located in the rolling hills of Horse Country, conveniently located between Gainesville, and Ocala, FL

We believe in respecting the land, harming none, and raising our crops and animals in harmony with the earth.

Our chickens have 24 hr access to both a building, and large covered runs which keep the birds safe.

They are fed a balanced commercial feed, a blend of grains, corn and molasses for minerals, alfalfa and grasses for bright yellow yolks, fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, cold clear artisan water from our well, and an occasional cricket, or scratched up earthworm.

It is important to us that our birds are happy, healthy, and live long peaceful lives.
When their laying days are over, we pass them along to live out their lives with others who enjoy just a few eggs per week.

Coming in 2017 to our farm:

Tea garden featuring Green, black, and oolong tea producing plants as well as herbal tea blends.

Artisan Olive oil, and herb infused olive oil

Heritage Rhode Island Red hatching eggs
Cream Legbar Hatching eggs