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We are a small family run farm located in Littlerock, CA. We sell chicken, duck, and quail eggs. Also seasonally we sell duck and quail hatching eggs.

Ducklings are now available! Duck hatching eggs also available.

Adult Male Coturnix quail are currently available (Pick up only). Quail hatching eggs and hatchlings will be available soon.

Our chickens and ducks are pasture raised and all of our small flock are well loved and maintained, providing great tasting natural fresh eggs for our family and now for yours. Try some for yourself and taste the difference.


Pick up by appointment, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Shipping Available via USPS, cold packed.


Chicken and quail eggs for eating. 

1 dozen chicken eggs – $6

18 Chicken eggs – $8

15 Quail eggs – $8

Fertilized duck eggs for hatching.
6 eggs – $15
12 eggs – $25
18 egg – $32

Coturnix Quail – Adult Males for breeding – $8 each, five for $35

Ducklings – $10 each