Sampson Poultry Farm

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Our Story

Our ¬†farm started in 2013 after we sold our organic dairy farm. We had our dairy farm for 16 years of my wife and I’s ownership, I was the fifth generation to the farm and land.

Our poultry farm started out as a hobby with 10 chicks and grew to 400 layers and 500 broilers that we have now. We do this on 15 acres.

We also raise pasture fed Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

We also process your chickens and turkeys by appt. only We use shrink wrap bags ready for your freezer. Any questions please ask

We sell eggs at The Mustard Seed in Watertown and Natur-Tyme in Syracuse along with our sales on the farm.

Watch our Facebook page for pictures of our chickens and turkeys.