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We have brown and blue farm fresh, free range eggs for sale in Sandy!

They’re, healthier, taste much better, and are much fresher (sometimes WEEKS!) than store bought eggs!

The map above is just a general area, not the exact address. We live a few blocks from 1300 East and 8600 South in Sandy. I say ‘in’ Sandy City, but we’re actually in an unincorporated Salt Lake County island inside of Sandy City. So we are able to follow unincorporated County poultry ordinances, rather than Sandy City.

We started with a few chickens about 15 yeas ago, and loved the taste difference between our fresh back yard eggs over store bought. The chickens were easy to raise, we loved knowing where our food was coming from, so we were hooked!

Our little flock has about 1500 sq. ft. of fenced back yard to play, and scratch around to find bugs, worms, and enjoy the sun! Their diet consists of not only what they can find on their own, but also feed from Cal-Ranch or IFA, garden weeds, grass clippings, table scraps, and of course, always daily fresh water!

 We have a couple very loyal customers who have been with us for years, but do have extra eggs, depending on the season. Give us a call and try the difference between us and store bought!

The price for a dozen eggs is $4 right now, but feed prices have almost doubled in the last 18 months. We haven’t raised our prices to $5 a dozen yet, but that may happen this fall…


UPDATE: Spring 2022
Our ‘seasoned’ chickens have reached retirement age, (ok, ‘seasoned chicken’ probably wasn’t the correct term…) and aren’t laying as much as they used to. Plus we usually have more requests than we can fill!
But, we do occasionally have an extra dozen or two. Text for availability.

UPDATE 2: Late Spring 2022
We have baby chicks!
This flock was hatched the first week of March. We have Amarcana Easter Egg Layers, GSL, and Barred Plymouth Rock chicks. It looks like there may be a rooster or two in the batch. Breeding Pairs and Trios may be available.
We’ll sell most of these chicks somewhere between 10-14 weeks, for a more manageable size flock. So sometime between Mid May and the end of June check KSL. They usually go quickly. Let me know if you’re interested in buying your own. Raising your own chickens is easy! I’ll answer any questions I can!