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Our Story

Saratoga farms is located in Racine, OH along the beautiful Ohio River.  I started raising chickens 2 years ago in an effort to overcome my fear of chickens.  In addition, I wanted to eat a clean diet.  I am very conscious about what I feed my girls because essentially I eat what I feed them.  I allow my girls to free range in the evenings as free ranging allows reduces the amount of cholesterol in their eggs.

I have fallen in love with my first flock which include Wyandottes, Araucanas and Americauanas.  I love the fact that I eat “Green Eggs & ham” (Dr Seuss).  This past year, I have added Wellsumer, Oliver Easter Eggers, Buckeyes, and Speckled Sussex hens, different color eggs.  God has blessed me with some very tame hens.

Saratoga is named after my grandfather’s Ohio River beach area.  He would always say, “Why go on vacation when you have the Saratoga beach at your fingertips.  Thus, naming my farm in his honor, Saratoga Farms – where the girls of Saratoga stroll along singing their tunes.