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Our Story

Wanting to get fresh, healthier and better tasting eggs than those in most grocery stores, S&B Chicken Farm started out with just 5 hens and a rooster. Our passion for fresh and better grew the more we researched things and so did our flock.

We believe in letting our Chickens act like Chickens. Yes, we house them in a coop, but we let them out daily to roam and scratch in a pretty big fenced in yard. We feed them a diet that is made up primarily of non-GMO feed as well as other natural additives like flaxseed, garlic and diatomaceous earth.

In addition to selling eggs and the occasional hen, we also sell non-GMO and more traditional feeds for poultry, including a non-GMO layer pellet. These come in 50 pound bags and can be purchased at our little farm.

How much do your eggs sell for?

We sell our eggs by the dozen for $4.00 each.

What makes your eggs better than store bought?

We believe our eggs are better than what you get in the grocery store because of how we raise our chickens. We feed them a diet that’s primarily non-GMO feed. We include natural things such as flaxseed to increase the omega-3 levels, oyster shell or crushed egg shells for additional calcium, dark greens and herbs for overall better digestive health as well as for a better tasting, healthier egg.

We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 till 1:30 pm, Saturdays from 8-4. Closed Sundays. Afternoon pickups when previously arranged.

We offer feed for sale as well as the occasional hen or rooster. Contact us for more information.