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Our Story

Selah Farms grew out of a desire to return to our roots. To live a life abiding in the principles found in the bible stewarding our bodies, our land, and our animals with care and intentionality. We offer a space for families to come together to pause and nourish. We want you to experience farm life through our farm to table gatherings, our annual events and an open invitation to visit! We run numerous homeschool and family workshops throughout the year; catering to garden planting and harvesting, preserving, bone broth making and will expand to meet the desires of our customers.

You will notice our 100% grass-fed and finished ¬†heritage cattle grazing happily on organic pastures, our laying chickens roaming freely and our red ranger broilers following the cattle in their chicken tractors while our woodlot pigs are down by Apple Creek foraging in our back pastures. As Hartzlers¬†we take notes out of Grandpa Harold Hartzler’s book to farm and live as nature intended honoring the soil and the animal. The farm utilizes regenerative farming principles beyond organic to ensure the soil is continually enriched and fosters creation of humus, not to be confused with hummus- though thats pretty delicious! We believe life starts in the soil and the microorganism colonies are not to be disrupted by farmers but supported to flourish, it never ceases to astound us how dynamic agriculture is!

To serve you well we offer pick up locations to Wayne, Summit, Medina, Cuyahoga Counties on a rotating schedule bi-monthly and are establishing a shipping program deliver our meats straight to your door. You are always welcome to visit our farm store located on our property: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm; Tuesday 1pm-6pm or by appointment. Call ahead and we can have your order ready! We are proud to be your local farmer.